Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Last Stretch

I just updated the reading guide and i can't believe we're almost there! How is everyone doing? I know some of you have considered "dropping out" but keep reading! It doesn't matter if you finish on time. The goal was to make reading the Book of Mormon a priority. I have had my ups and downs with this, but I have really enjoyed reading the Book of Mormon at such a fast pace. I sure love this book!


Linn said...

I'm still with you Malerie...I haven't given up, but I am still behind. I won't quit, but I'm worried I won't finish on time. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter if I am behind if I just keep reading, so I'll have to go with that.

I am loving this opportunity to make reading the Book of Mormon a priority in my life. Thank you so much Malerie! And I'm coming, I'm coming...I'm just a little late.

Brian and chelsea said...

I'm glad you posted this - I wanted to find out who was still on board! I knew you would be for sure - our fearless leader :)
I'm on page 427 at this minute. I'll catch up tonight and finish on time if I have to stay up all night on the 8th! :) But honestly... with this move... I'd be totally drowning without the BOM on audio CD. I don't have it with me since we moved, and I miss it! But I think there's benefits to both reading and listening and I'm glad I did both. Now I just want the copy your sister is using - the chapter-less kind!

Malerie said...

Linn - I'm so glad you're still with me. Don't stress if you don't finish on the date we planned. The date's not really important. I know you and you are a very busy woman! Happy Reading!

Chelsea, I can imagine reading while moving and getting settled would be TOUGH! Good luck! I am reading the replica Book of Mormon too and I am loving it. It feels so authentic because all the typos are still in there. Here is the link

Jessica said...

Camryn and I are still with you.
She is definitely the steady one. She hasn't gotten behind once. Can't say that much for her mom, but as of today I'm caught up.
I really did need this right now to keep me going and it has helped me have a happy perspective on life.
Can't wait for the next challenge :-)

Malerie said...

Camryn has actually kept me going! She's my 10 year old niece (is she that old already?) And she hasn't gotten behind once. So every time I think this is getting hard, I remember my niece is doing just fine. Thanks, Camryn!