Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm really excited to get started on this one month read. Thanks for joining me. I know it will be a memorable experience that will make us stronger and more faithful. Besides learning from scripture, I am excited to hear your thoughts as you read. I am surrounded by such intelligent and thoughtful friends and I am anxious to learn from you. If you would like to post anything, please email me and I will add you as a contributor.

We will be starting Monday, May 11 and finishing Tuesday, June 9. I have a reading chart that I will post so you can track your reading. If anyone has any other tips or ideas to make this a great experience, please let me know!

Happy Reading!


Dear Chicka said...

I am going to join you! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Allegra Posts for Rose said...

I think I may join to you too!! Congratulations to you for this journey.

Allegra Posts for Rose said...

Of course, my start and end date will be different. :)